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Board Ready - A Behind the Scenes look of NeedleOnFull - Part 3

Board ready! I love this part of the process when designing the quilt - especially a T-shirt quilt. In this part of the process, I place all the blocks on my design wall (with pins). A huge shout out to my friend, Mary Nielsen, who gave me her design boards over five years ago when she moved from Maryland to Florida.

In this phase, I attempt to balance the blocks' colors and size, plus add any "elements" to negative spaces. For example, the elements could be something on the sleeve I cut out, a patch, or an American Flag as part of a football or baseball jersey.

Should I have extras (extra shirts I almost always require when crafting a T-shirt quilt), I may use the elements from the extra shirts or cut down the shirt where I can add it to the negative space (large blank areas that scream— fill!). I'd rather have more of the recipient memories than my quilting!

The photo below is one example of smaller elements that will be placed on the quilt where best suited and pleasant to the eye.




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