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Big Foot of...Mud...with Proof!

I don't know about you, but I do wipe off my dirty/muddy shoes or boots on a rug if provided upon entrance to any home or even a place of business. If raining, taking my shoes off would be my go-to (in homes). I noticed the muddy print a few days ago but never wiped it up with a damp rag. I kind of was hoping the person who imprinted the mud would see it and consider the cleanup without prodding.

I know it wasn't me. My roommates, hubby Bill, and son Ryan, will feign innocence or a case of "not me" if I asked. Sigh. While vacuuming the floors this afternoon, I broke down and cleaned up the muddy prints. You can see from the second photo below, there is a perfectly good rug to wipe off any mud, grass, and leaves.

It's the second day of summer, but the fall weather is still upon us, with damp conditions and rain too, hence the muddy shoe print.

Summer is coming; I just can feel it through my long pants and sweatshirt!

The silver lining is it's not Big Foot (or that's what I'm telling myself)!




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