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Bee 🐝 Time

Sewing and quilting with my peeps on retreats and fabric acquisition on local trips are dandy. Doing an all-day sew-a-thon at one of my beemates homes is even better. That was today!

We’ve been doing this tradition for over twenty years between Christmas and the New Year. I look forward to it every year. Sure, we have the bi-monthly bees that are rotated between four or five houses out of the six of us locals, but the all-day sewn-in is amazing. The host makes lunch, others bring leftover cookies, and we sometimes order out for dinner, depending on how tired we are by 6 pm by stitching all day.

It’s the conversations that we have that truly deepen the friendships. Not all at once, but drip by drip of a poignant conversation that may take a while for someone to share. There is no rush when it comes to delicate topics, and the soft hum of the sewing machines helps with the rhythm of our stories.

I think we all feel honored to be listened to and sometimes validated when we share “our side of the story.” Sometimes, we need help on how to handle a certain situation, or if this color works well with that quilt block.

And of course, all this is done under the rule, like Vegas, “What is discussed at Bee, stays at Bee.”

We are likely to Manufacture a lot of Sunshine ☀️ for and with each other.




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