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Back in Business! My Avanté is Raring to Go & Sew!

When one of my sewing machines gets sick, they have to go to the sewing machine doctor - er spa -to get a well-overdue oiling, a deep cleaning, and a couple of new parts. Over the last few weeks, this was the scene for my Handi-Quilter Avanté long arm (named "Mary"). The magic (quilting the three layers) of 95% of my work/quilts is done on the long arm. Luckily, I was able to get most of my quilts done this fall and into December before she could no longer keep a stitch. "Mary" is put through the paces with NeedleOnFull.

When owner Dawn Stewart of SpringWaterDesigns in Columbia, Maryland, called to inform me that my machine was ready to go home, I was elated! I weirdly missed this machine. "Mary" takes up almost an entire room, so I feel it when she is not in the house. But she is back and raring to go. I'm grateful that Dawn, and her husband, Bob, the HQ in-house Doctor, fixed "Mary" right up. Springwater Designs is a great quilt shop catering to quilters of every skill level. They offer classes, BOM (blocks of the month) and have many bolts of fabric and kits for any taste.

I'll get "Mary" back on her carriage tomorrow and take her for a ride soon! I've got quilts piling up to long arm quilt. Wooohooo!!!


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