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Are You a Shopping Cart Corraler?

Do you like to tidy up the parking lot at your favorite grocery store or other commercial entity? You know the types, those metal steel or plastic carts that can leave the confines of the store and spill out into the parking lot - perhaps dinging doors when the wind blows them this way and that?

Maybe you escort your own cart to the cart corral after the groceries or other items are safely stored in your vehicle into designated corrals spread across the parking lot. Thank you, that's a great thing. But would you go "out of your way" and corral errant carts scattered all over the place, maybe even a quarter mile away?

So, if you see one about a quarter mile from where it should be, will you do the store a huge favor and wheel it back? I know someone who did this today, in the snow, a quarter mile from the Target it belonged to. Nothing would stop my sister-in-law Stephanie (even a morning snow storm) from making a difference in getting an errant cart back to its original spot.

Hubby Bill has been corralling errant carts for years. When he's home from the store, he likes to chat about how many carts he gathered up (without the long straps issued to the young chaps being paid by the store to do this very chore); sometimes, 10, 15, or 20 of them.

If you haven't realized it yet, that guy Bill is trying to start a movement in cart etiquette. He certainly inspired his sister, Stephanie. All you need is one person to start a movement, right?

Here is an excellent video about how to start a movement with a simple dance. In this case, it is all about the first follower - Stephanie - transforming the lone nut - Bill - into a leader of the cart brigade!



Photo credit Paul Godleski

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