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Another Stunning Sunset

January, a loooong month with 31 days (especially with many cold, snow, sleet, and little daylight days), is almost over. This month only has a few days left for those quickly fading brilliant, colored, stunning sunsets. Nothing today - too cloudy.

However, yesterday was a banner day for sunset watching. When I looked up from my sewing machine, I saw the pink cast glowing in the background. It didn't take me long to swing around in my chair to see all that pink in the sky mixed in with blueish billowing clouds and the fire reds, oranges, and yellows streaking across the sky. Wowza! It did not even matter to me that no one joined me (my guys) in on the action of taking more photos (zero filters!), but I was all in.

I don't think I could ever tire of a spectacular sunset in the first month of a new year.

It's the little things...




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