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Anduze in the Cervennes

An unforgettable glorious morning was waking up in the Cevennes to birdsong and loud croaking frogs. Light comes early so I took advantage of my time pre-breakfast to swim laps in the medieval-like ancient blue mosaic indoor pool. The warm water and the light streaming through one arched window just so made me smile with delight the entire workout.

Our chef, Lucia, has done a magical job in feeding our group to traditional French breakfasts and more. Various cheeses with fresh French bread, fruit and scrambled eggs seems to be a favorite bill of fare. Plus, Tea and Coffee, of course!

Soon after the hearty repast and our daily morning pow-wow in the Salon (big living room), those that wanted to join in on the fun of the Anduze market climbed into three vehicles for the 15 minute drive to this medieval village perched on narrow streets, many with cobblestones and facing the limestone scrubby mountains of the Cevennes.

Lunch was in the green leafy park with a pond filled with ducks and swans for Hubby Bill, Katy Dalgleish, Cindy Villanueva and Beverly D after purchasing cheese, more bread, fruit and olives from the market vendors. A typical Fresh French meal at anytime - day or night.

Dinner, will be amazing, because Food is Art in these parts.

I’m hoping I can load a few photos… WiFi is iffy…

Viva La France!



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