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A NeedleOnFull Process

After all the summer travel and fun times I enjoyed over the past couple of months, I'm glad to be back in the hot seat of my daily writing and sewing/quilting projects. NeedleOnFull is in full swing with several T-shirts in the queue.

I love the entire process, from meeting with my clients with a phone call (or in person) inquiring about what treasured keepsake I can make for them or their loved ones, to discussing all the elements of their desired quilt, to the last vestige of the project with a label sewn on the back of the quilt. Currently, I am cutting and applying the interfacing on over 200+ T-shirts. I have a method to the madness as I go around my dining room table and two other rooms depending on where I am in each stage.

The photo below depicts a stack of T-shirts waiting for their turn to be cut. Once all the shirts are cut out (I do not need the entire shirt), I then move to my ironing board to apply the interfacing—which stabilizes all the shirts/clothing so it's easier to sew into blocks, rows, and then the final quilt no matter the size.

What I find so appealing is that no two quilts are alike, ever, plus I love to WOW the recipient of their own shirts turned cherished keepsake.




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